Chamberlab Motion Studies

Inspired by Anton Koch participating in the MotionBank Laboratory we decided to focus our first experiments on working with human motion and dance as a source for graphical or abstract notation forms.

The research itself is merely at it's beginning but here is a little introduction of what we are doing, what tools we decided to employ and also a few early work sketches.

Tools we are using

To record movement and extract high level data like motion density or space consumption instead of mere positions of limbs, we are using the vvvv patch developed by a group of mad wizards at the Creative Coding Lab workshop at MotionBank.

Screenshot of the custom high-level motion capture system's control display

Using the data

To make use of the recorded motion data we construct both a reduced visualisation and hook up the player component of the vvvv software to a synthesizer's controls.

The visual acts merely as a control surface to check on parameter changes that might be too abstract to grasp from listening only to the audio.

Sample motion recording with tracking silhouette and two connected parameters.


Please stay tuned as we are in the process of getting a few examples online as well as a treatment on fragments from a piece by Maurice Ravel.



See Chamberlab live!

Feb 24

Chamberlab will be doing an installation/concert hybrid at Projektraum 2025 in Hamburg on April 11th 2013. Check their website for more details:

New website!

Feb 18

We are currently building a new website containing documentary material about Chamberlab's work and our future plans! Stay tuned for more...